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    1. Shandong Carter Heavy Industry machinery CO.,LTD




      Multi-angle Pictures
      CT45-8B CT45-8B CT45-8B


      1. Have passed CE certificate
      2. Originally imported Yanmar engine 4TNV88(25.2KW/2200rpm), low noise, low fuel consumption, big torque;
      3. Main pump, valve, swing motor and travel motor are equipped with originally imported KYB
      4. Date collected by sensors to prompt power system and hydraulic system cooperate well to improve 10% dig force
      5. Hydraulic pipe from America Gates with reliable quality
      6. X Shape undercarriage guarantee the stability in bad work condition
      7. Standard equipment Air Conditioner


      Engine Travel System
      Model YANMAR 4TNV88 Travel motors KYB, Japan;
      Type Direct injection, water cooled,natural intake Support roller quantities 2×5
      Carrier roller quantities 2×1
      No. of cylinder 4 Travel shoes 2X35
      Bore and stroke 88X90(mm) Travel speed 2.7/4.4(km/h)
      Displacement 2.19L Drawbar pulling force 35kN
      Power output 25.2kw/2200rpm Gradeability 58%(300)
      Max. torque 142N.m/1200rpm Ground clearance 350mm
       Hydraulic System Cab & Electrical System
      Pump KYB, Japan Cab All-weather, sound-suppressed Cabandequipped with a heavy, insulated Floor Mat,Front Window can be opened and slided; adjustable Seat; LED display, Automatic monitoring, display
      Type axial piston pump+ gear pump
      Max. discharge flow 2x45.7+36.9(L/min)
      Max. discharge pressure
      Boom,arm and bucket 21.5 MPa Voltage 12V
      Travel circuit 15.7 MPa Batteries 1x12V
      Swing circuit 15.7 MPa Battery capacity 80Ah
      Control circuit 3.9 MPa Boom, Arm & Bucket
      Pilot control pump Gear type Boom cylinder Φ90xΦ50xS552-L915
      Main control valves KYB, Japan Arm cylinder Φ85xΦ50xS580-L920
      Oil      cooler Air cooled type Bucket cylinder Φ70xΦ45xS443-L745
      Swing System Refilling Capacity & lubrication
      Swing motor KYB, Japan Fuel tank 82 L
      Swing motor type Axial-piston    motor Cooling system 12 L
      Brake Hydraulic oil    released Engine oil 6L
      Parking brake Hydraulic disc    brake Hydraulic oil tank 59L Tank Oil Level
      Swing speed 10 r/min 85L Hydraulic System
      Type Backhoe bucket
      Bucket capacity 0.17m3 (SAE)
      Bucket Capacity scope 0.069-0.24m3
      Number of bucket teeth 4
      Bucket width 640 mm


      Working Ranges  

      Boom length 2650m
      A Max. digging depth 3405mm
      B Max. dumping height 3410mm
      C Max. digging height 5030mm
      D Max. vertical digging depth 2900mm
      F Max. digging distance 5530mm
      G Max. digging reach at ground level 5420mm
      H Min swing radius of work equipment 2185mm
      Digging Force(ISO6015)
      Arm length 1450mm
      A Bucket digging force 23.7KN
      B Arm digging force 21.6KN
      Overall DimensionsUnit
      A Overall length  5500mm I Track grounding length 1710mm
      B Ground contact length 3353mm J Track length 2190mm
      C Overall height(to top of boom) 1861mm K Track gauge 1400mm
      D Overall width 1750mm L Track width 1750mm
      E Overall height(to top of cab) 2455mm M Track Shoe width 350mm
      F Counter weight ground clearance 585mm O Bonnet height 1437mm
      G Min Ground clearance 350mm P Revolving frame width 1600mm
      H Tail swing radius 1600mm Q Distance from swing center to tail 1600mm

      Operating Weight and Ground Pressure
      Operating weight includes basic machine;
      Operating weight 4200Kg
      Ground pressure 36KPa

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